Gannon M, Pérez-Huerta A, Aharon P, Street SC (2017) A Biomineralization Study of the Indo-Pacific Giant Clam Tridacna gigas. Coral Reefs 36:503-517

Selected Conference Presentations

Gannon M, Watson EB, Oczkowski A, Raper K, Velinsky D. Spatial and temporal variability of stable isotopes in flora and fauna of Barnegat Bay, NJ. CERF Biennial Conference, Mobile, AL. November 2019. Oral Presentation

Gannon M, Velinsky D, Romanek CS. Detangling stable carbon isotopes in giant clam shells: Discrepancies between shell layers and the Suess Effect. GSA Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ. September 2019. Poster Presentation

Gannon M, Aharon P. Is Microstructural Variability in Giant Clams (T. gigas) Controlled by Periodicity in Solar Irradiance? AGU Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. December 2018. Poster Presentation

Gannon M, Velinsky D. Stable Carbonate Isotopes in Giant Clam Shells. GSA Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA. October 2017. Oral Presentation

Chertok M*, Gannon M, Rosenberg G. Heart Cockle Windows and Translucency: Implications for Environmental Studies. GSA Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA. October 2017. Poster Presentation

Yamaguchi A*, Gentry M*, Gannon M, Rosenberg G, Remo A*, Kopala D*, Horwitz R. Photosymbiosis in subfamily Fraginae. American Malacological Society Annual Meeting: Newark, DE. July 2017. Oral Presentation

Kurz M, Velinsky D, Gannon M, Zelanko P. Field and lab-based analytical approaches for environmental biogeochemistry. Symposium on Cross-Disciplinary Analytical Approaches, Philadelphia, PA. June 2017. Poster Presentation

Gannon M. Can strawberry cockles (Fragum spp.) be useful environmental archives? American Fisheries Society Mid-Atlantic Chapter Annual Meeting. Bordentown, NJ. October 2016. Poster Presentation

Gannon M, Zelanko P, Velinsky D. Implications of Algal Bioerosion on Giant Clam Shell Chemistry. GSA Annual Meeting, Denver, CO. September 2016. Oral Presentation

Gannon M, Zelanko P. Stable Isotope Applications in Aragonitic Giant Clam Shells. Advanced Stable Isotope Techniques and Applications Conference. Philadelphia, PA. June 2016. Poster Presentation

Gannon M, Pérez-Huerta A, Aharon P. Shell Biomineralization of Giant Clams (T. gigas) from the raised coral reef terraces of Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea: Implications for paleoclimate reconstructions. GSA Annual Meeting, Vancouver. October 2014. Poster Presentation

Gannon M, Pérez-Huerta A, Aharon P. Preliminary investigation of biomineralization of giant clam (Tridacna gigas) shells. Gordon Research Conference and Gordon Research Seminar: Biomineralization, New London, NH. August 2014. Poster Presentation